About us

Your translation company

Intertext is synonymous with maximum quality according to translation sector standards at highly competitive prices.

Our translation company, based in Barcelona, has been offering professional solutions geared to the specific needs of customers for more than 28 years, as well as maximum service levels for international firms from different sectors. 

Our mission and vision

Intertext was established with a clear objective:
The professionalisation of translation services and the implementation of first-class technological solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs, and to provide the best services in the field of translation and multilingual documentation. 

Linguistic competence is an important requirement for a translation company, but not the only one.

A satisfactory service comprises the right selection and management of human resources, efficient organisation and coordination and impeccable project execution.

That is why we always focus on offering a quality service, ensuring attention to details, whatever the project size. And we take pride in helping companies in their international development. 

Our background

Dorothee Orf, cofounder of the sector association ANETI and the language industries cluster Clusterlingua, created Intertext in 1988 with the aim of providing services in the field of translation and multilingual documentation.

The company grew strongly from the start and has been continually expanding its service offer ever since.

Today Intertext has a national and international presence and experience both in Spain and abroad. We supply companies and major groups operating in:

  • Spain (42%)
  • Germany, Switzerland and Austria (49%)
  • India and China (5%)
  • Other European countries such as the UK, France and Italy (4%) 

This development has been possible thanks to our fantastic team:

Highly qualified and specialised professionals, united by their passion and dedication to each and every job they do.

Today we are endorsed by our 28-plus years of experience and more than 500 customers around the world. Over this time we have taken on and surmounted new challenges, completing translation projects in the most diverse fields and successfully addressing all types of difficulties and technical requirements.

Today, Intertext is one of the top translation companies in Spain. 


A further decisive factor in our success is our ongoing investment in new resources and the technologies needed in the sector.

Terminology management programmes, translation memories, localisation tools and desktop publishing and formatting programs. Our technological resources allow us to offer the most advanced services in the areas of translation, localisation, word processing, formatting and documentation. 

However, the fundamental value of any company is its human capital. At Intertext we are proud of each and every member of our team. They are all carefully recruited in accordance with their qualifications and commitment to quality. The same goes for our external partners, who join the team only after completing an exhaustive trial phase.

At Intertext, customer and quality are the cornerstones of our philosophy:
Quality makes the difference.