Financial, economic and legal translation services

At Intertext we handle all types of legal translations in diverse areas that cover legal, financial and economic matters.

This group includes: commercial, employment and civil contracts, lawsuits, appeals, case documents, rulings and other documents relating to legal proceedings, trade register extracts, specialised press articles, deeds, company registration documents, articles of association, claims relating to trademarks and patents, audit reports, balance sheets, annual reports, birth and marriage certificates, documents containing personal details of family members, academic qualifications and diplomas, descriptions of company services, insurance policies and so on.

Legal translation requires a high degree of linguistic precision, understanding of archaisms involved and a thorough knowledge of legal topics and terminology, as well as legal procedure. The same applies to financial and accounting texts, which also use very specific terminology. We have been translating legal and economic texts for financial institutions, auditors, property advisers, communities of owners and others for over 19 years and we have specialised and sworn translators on our team. 

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