Consecutive interpreting services

Do you need a consecutive interpreter for a course, seminar or other event? At Intertext we employ the best professionals.

As its name suggests, consecutive interpretation is performed after the delivery of a section of speech, i.e. the speaker and the interpreter alternate their discourse in interventions of varying length. Depending on the length of the discourse, the interpreter takes notes and then reproduces what has been said in the corresponding language. Unlike simultaneous interpretation, there is no need for special equipment: at most, a microphone might be needed if there are a large number of people in attendance. 

This type of interpreting requires specific mnemonic techniques, public-speaking experience, a high level of comprehension of the source language and fluency of expression in the target language. For this reason, it is done by specialised, experienced professionals. Because this work requires intense concentration, it can only be carried out for a certain number of hours at a time. Several interpreters will be needed to take turns for long speeches or when various speakers are taking part.

Consecutive interpreters work at courses, seminars and other events, as well as in situations where, for whatever reason, the technical facilities for simultaneous interpretation are unavailable, such as speeches delivered outdoors or opening and closing ceremonies. 

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