Software localisation and translation services

At Intertext we are experts in the translation of software for your business.

The key aspects of software localisation are searching for, identifying and translating sequences of text within software, such as dialogue boxes, menus, help and error messages. Sometimes there are length limitations, which mean that the text has to be adapted. In many linguistic combinations, especially when translating into Spanish, the number of words in the translation tends to be higher than in the original, so that the dialogue boxes and other elements must be adjusted to the user interface. 

Secondly, both the translation (e.g. units of measurement, aspects of political, cultural and social reality, puns, dates, proper names, double entendres, etc.) and any other element of software such as symbols, icons and images must be adapted to the needs of the target market. 

None of this would be possible without the involvement of our programmers and IT engineers, who provide backup to the translators before, during and after the actual translation process by providing them with software, preparing files and setting up routines for facilitating certain repetitive processes.

As well as competence in the fields of technology and linguistics, software localisation requires overall project management with specific workflows, so that the finished article will be consistent. Intertext has all the experience and technical resources necessary to plan your project correctly and deliver it on time. 

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