Style editing

At Intertext we offer style editing services to enhance the quality of your business texts.

Language is image. A professional presence with appropriate language is a key factor in the image of your company or organisation, both at home and abroad. We ensure that your company’s documentation matches the quality of your products and services.

Writing well is not just a job: it can even be an art. This requires training, talent, linguistic perception, a rich vocabulary and a thorough knowledge of spelling and grammar rules and the standards of style of a language. Languages have many different registers and practically every aspect of life has its own mode of expression: from the language children or teenagers speak to the specialised jargon of technical experts or journalists, not forgetting colloquialisms. It is not easy to express oneself with precision, get one’s ideas across clearly while also finding the ideal style for a text’s target audience

At Intertext, we offer stylistic corrections of all types of texts: company documentation, promotional material, articles and other texts for publication and diffusion. We have a team of specially-trained professionals with ample experience in the field of stylistic correction and advertising or journalistic correction, who are chosen for their linguistic creativity and their familiarity with style issues.

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