German sworn translation

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We offer a sworn translation service from and into German always provided by native professionals.

At Intertext we have sworn translators/interpreters appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation who are experts in the German and Spanish languages. Because they are sworn translations (also called “official” translations) into German, they bear the signature and seal of a sworn translator and therefore have legal validity before the authorities.

Our sworn translations from German are of the highest quality thanks to the extensive experience of our translators and the professionalism with which they undertake all projects, regardless of volume, in order to ensure that the sworn text matches the original.

In the case of sworn translations into German, the translator must employ one type of German or another depending on the country where the translation will be filed (Germany, Austria or Switzerland), making it necessary to specify the type needed.


Let us know what kind of translation you need and we will prepare a customised quotation adapted to your needs.

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