Translation services

At Intertext we offer all types of translation services to satisfy the needs of any customer or sector.

Our company has been working in the field of translation for almost 20 years. We have undertaken many projects for international companies spanning practically all sectors and areas of specialisation. 

Our translations are entrusted to specialists in the corresponding subject and are submitted to a meticulous review process. The text is not returned to the client until it has passed all of our quality controls. All translations are done by native, specialised translators and are then reviewed by our in-house staff. Our quality-control process covers form (format, spelling, figures and ensuring nothing is missing), content (comprehension, specialised language and terminology) and style (such as appropriate register for the target audience.)

We at Intertext are familiar with the latest technology and use all of the currently available media, such as computer-assisted translation programs (translation memories) and terminology extraction and management tools. Our desktop publishing infrastructure means we can process and create texts in practically all known formats.